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Gold RPG's

Name: Spartica
Really awesome layout, active members, nice owner & well structured subjects.
The only remark is one topic that opens in the wrong frame.
If you love RPG's and playing a wild horse you should go to this one.
Layout Rate: 8,6
Active? Yes

Silver RPG's

Name: Equine Instincts
Very Active Wild Horse RPG with many territories, some original topics like the player topic. Some nice personalized Equine pictures, and much things to do on this game. The somewhat lesser points are the expage pages that are inside the game and the little HTML use, but if you look it in perspective this game is a good one to go.
Layout Rate: 6,5
Active? Yes
Name: Dawn of a new Rising
Wild Horse RPG that uses frames.
Some parts of the menulinks are hard to read but in opposit of that it's a nice game to play.
DoanR even has it's own picture personalising studio and you can get rpg help.
Layout Rate: 6,8
Active? Yes
Name: Hollow's Edge
Something to criticize about on this RPG.... the only thing that comes up in my mind is the hard to read text sometimes, but looking forward the game is well-rounded good working and most of all active and fun to play.
Layout is really nice altough it could use some more pictures but the graphics that are there are of high quality.
Layout Rate: 7,4
Active? Yes

Bronze RPG's

Layout Rate: