Lunar of Prentence

This site is imaginary. None of this is true and every bit is taken place in a make-believe setting.

The land of Lunar of Prentence happens to be run by 3 different kingdoms. The Mopeory Kingdom, The Vade Kingdom, and The Aidna Kingdom. Aidna is the kingdom that is most aggressive, Mopeory's Kingdom is the normal kingdom (look at its link for the definition of "normal"), and Vade's Kingdom is the most friendliest. Each kingdom has a different style of their rules and living preferences. They have been at harmony until someone stated that the other kingdoms have more land than the one at stake. This huge dispute on land is troubling all 3 kingdoms, and could lead to a huge war. Fortunately, with war a foot, all of them welcome strangers. With the thought of war, they all have stated that you give their kingdom a whirl, saying you may even get to be their royal families most recognized individual.

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