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General Questions

What is a role-playing game (RPG)?

A role-playing game is when real people take on characters and act them out. Much like actors or actresses do in television shows and movies. This involves interacting your character with other characters on the ship, creating problems or situations and playing through them, like you would in real life. Only catch: this is set in the future, so being familiar with the advanced technology available is quite helpful to help one play effectively.

What is this "post" thing that I keep hearing about?

A post is what creates the story. In a post, which is very similar to a chapter of a book, the events happening on the ship are told through the perspective of a specific character or through many different characters interacting. The posts can involve not only your character, but other players' characters as well. We'll get into more detail later.

Okay, what is the difference between a chat-based RPG and this PBeM thing?

A chat-based RPG usually involves all the players on that certain Starfleet ship or station meeting at a certain time and place to act out the character roles while the situations develop around them. In a PBeM RPG, the posts tell the story, each one furthering the storyline and guiding the story along, one step at a time. They are sent by e-mail, which allows players to post as often as they can or are instructed to.

Are there different RPGs?

Yes, there are RPGs for almost every show out there! (With some exceptions, of course) Just look for them, and they're there. Anime, Earth: Final Conflict, Star Wars....and the list goes on and on......

If you have anymore Questions than what I've listed here, pleasee-mail me!