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All About Posting

First thing first:
If you didn't read the general questions about a post, or even if you did, a little recap: posts tell the story. You write them involving one or more of the characters and work in the storyline, adding in your "two cents", if you will. After you write them according to the following guidelines, e-mail them out to the crew (whose e-mail addresses I provide to you) and enjoy the plot as it develops.

Stardates are used by many different sims in many different fashions. The one I'd like us to use is like this:yyyymm.dd So, since this sim is set in the year 2380, this is what the stardate would look like for a post being sent out on December 26th: 238012.26 It takes some getting used to, but it works.

Part One: The Subject Line....

In the subject line, you will first type in the stardate, then your character's position or rank and name, followed by the particular storyline's name. Something like this:

238012.26 CO(or Captain)Samantha Kiernen, Beginnings

That would mean the post was being sent out on December 26th, in the storyline Beginnings.

Part Two: OOC and IC modes....

OOC, or Out-Of-Character, mode is used in a post whenever you want to speak as yourself, and not as your character. This can be used for anything that is allowed by the Rules and Regulations. IC, or In-Character, mode is used when you are your character in the post. It is the part that involves the other characters on the ship and the storyline. TYpically, posts will have an OOC note at the beginning, the IC part of the post, followed by another OOC note at the end. This is not required, but it is what is typically done.

Part Three: Actions....

To communicate what a character does in a post, the sentence involving the task or action is to have double colons on either side. Like this:

::Kiernen gets a coffee from the replicator in her Ready Room::

Part Four: Thoughts....

When a character thinks about something or is talking to herself, it is surrounded by the < > signs. Like this:

< What do I do now?! >

Part Five: Dialogue....

To have your character speak to another character or to the computer, the speaker tag is your character's last name or position. It can also be combined with actions or thoughts. (as in the sample post)Like this:

Kiernen: Lieutenant, please escort our guest to the transporter room. ::stands as the lieutenant and ambassador stand, nodding politely:: < I hope this goes well tomorrow too.... >

Part Six: Combadge Communication....

To communicate with a character not on the same vessel as you, or in a different part of the same vessel, you use this symbol: =/\=. In case you have not used this before, it is made with: an = sign, then /, then \, and finally another = sign. This is what it should look like:

=/\=Kiernen to Engineering=/\=

Part Seven: Telepathic Communication....

This type of communication can only take place between telepathy-capable species. This is typically Vulcans or Betazoids, but other species may be capable of telepathy. Some species only have empathy, which is different. If you would like more explanation on this, please e-mail me and I shall attempt to explain it to you, or send you somewhere to learn more. Telepathic communication is basically a dialogue sentence with the tag surrounded by three squiggly lines:~~~. Something like this:

~~~Kiernen: Are you alright Ensign?~~~

Part Eight: Example Post....

Well, those are the basic parts of a post. The following is an example post for your reference. Everyone develops their own style for writing these, especially if they have RPG experience. But, if you're a beginning, don't worry! Its easy once you get the hang of it, and it can become quite enjoyable!!Here we go:

To: USS Glorion Crew

Subject: 238012.26 CO Samantha Kiernen, Beginnings


OOC: Hey guys~let's see if this works....

IC: Kiernen: ::walks onto the bridge, a cup of coffee in hand::

OPS: ::sees the Captain enter, hollers out strongly:: Attention on deck!

Kiernen: ::smiles, pleased to be with her own crew again:: As you were. Helm, take us out, nice and slow.

Helm: Yes ma'm! ::sets to work powering up systems::

Samantha smiles and sits in her chair, glad that she is finally...home. Sipping her coffee, she decides to check on the Engineering systems.

=/\= Kiernen to Engineering=/\=

=/\=Bearden here ma'm.=/\=

=/\=How is our core doing lieutenant?=/\=

=/\=Running at 100% ma'm! We're ready to go down here!=/\=

=/\=Very good. Kiernen out. =/\=

As the Captain takes another sip of her cappuccino and glances at her XO,(who is busily monitoring systems) the Conselor comes to the bridge.

~~~Counselor: I trust you are well Captain?~~~

~~~Kiernen: Yes Commander. Thank you...for everything.~~~

~~~Counselor: It was but my duty, ma'm.~~~

As the Counselor sits in his seat, Kiernen leans back against the head rest of her seat, touched by those surrounding her. < Yes, it is good to be back... >

OOC: There we go. :-)

=/\=Captain Samantha Kiernen, CO =/\=

=/\=USS Glorion=/\=