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Pine Valley
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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

As you pull up the drive, you see a large barn. In the barn's entrance, you see a young woman. You get out of your car and introduce yourself to her.

"Hello! Welcome to Pine Valley! I'm Teresa Thurgood. This is a rather large barn for this state, but it's home to some great horses! Well, let me show you around!"

The woman leads you to a small room. "This is the tack room. We have special tack for certain horses. Now, lets go see the horses!" Teresa says as she trots off over to a long hall. The hall is coverd in stalls, but only five of them are filled.

"This horse in the first stall is Moonstruck. She is a registerd Morgan mare. She is three years old." You look at the bay mare in the stall. You see that her stall has a red halter on a little stump. You go to pet the mare, but she shys away.

"She is head shy, isn't she?" you ask Teresa. She turns to you and replies, "Yes. She was beat with a whip on her head before I got her. She is now in rehab. to overcome her fears. But she is a great ride!"

Teresa turns to the next stall. This stall has a green halter on a post. You look into the stall and see a large black horse standing there.

"This is Dioblo. Hew is our only stud here. He is a two year old registed Tennessee Walking Horse. He is a stud, but he is also very nice and loving once you get to know him and he gets to know you."

"Can I petr him?" you ask. Teresa nods and you reach your hand out at the stallion. He puts his head out for you and you pet his head. As you walk to the next stall, he puts his head out the half open door and he whinnies to you. You reach back and pet him once more before moving on.

On this stall, you see a blue halter. There is a dappled grey mare staring back at you through the door. Beside her, is a small foal. The foal is black with greyish spots.

"Who are these two?"

"The mare is Marsha and the foal hasn't a name yet. They are pure registerd quarter horses."

You stroke the mare's mane as you move on to the next horse.

There is a chestnut and white horse in the stall. He wears a yellow halter.

"This is Prides Woth It, but we call him Pride. He is a pure registerd thoroughbred gelding. He is also a great riding horse, mostly for trails. He hasn't a mean bone in his body. He is also one of the most loved here. I can put two year olds on him, and despite his thoroughbred breed, he is so gentile and wouldn't take off. And, nothing spooks him at all. Great horse!"

You stroke the geldings face. He has a pure white face, but his ears and around his eyes and muzzle are chestnut. You smile to him and move to the last horse.

"This is Issabelle. She has the best ground manners here. But she is a hurricane when she is under the saddle." You look at the bay mare. She stares back at you. She is pure bay. no white on her. A paper on her stall says that she is a pure bred Paso Fino. She has a purple halter on her stump.

"So, are all these horses yours?" You ask Teresa.

"Yes. They are all mine. I'm trying to get some boarders though. You smile.

"I know just where to find some..."

Posted by rpg2/pinevalley0 at 12:57 AM
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