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  • No cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be kicked out of the clan. Most clans give a warning. Well, consider this your warning. If you are caught, you are out.
  • No spamming in the lobby before a game. It can be annoying when someone is trying to tell another teamate something.
  • No arguing with other teams, especially in ladder matches. They can report us and we will get a strike. That is not good.
  • No telling people to GTF^
  • Be kind to your teammates. If they do something wrong, don't jump down their back about it. Try to help them out and give encouragement. We all have different styles and methods of play. What works for one, may not work for others.
  • No more shooting your teammates during or after the game. This can be annoying at times. (there will be times for stuff like this)
  • No clan hopping. This means one clan, and one clan only. I need you to dedicate your time to ~PR~
  • Only leadership can set up practice wars and only Hummer can let new members into both clans. He must see the new player and give the final word to whoever is trying out.
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