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Hey! Welcome to the cyber home of Jim, Jim's Pet and Dixie! Here you will catch a glimpse inside the life of our little clan. I have just started building these pages and it will take me forever to get them all up and running, but when I am finaly done you will find lots of pages covering many of our hobbies and interests (including paganism, rpg's, pix of our family life, art work, stories, and so much more!).

To Whom It May Concern


July 11, 2004
Awww... aint nothing too much going on for us. We are still looking for a houe or apartment to rent. Dixie's birthday will be here soon, gosh it's hard to beleive she is almost 10!!!

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War Paint Ranch / New Age Stables
A site dedicated to Pet's other hobby Model Horse collecting and customizing.

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* Jim and Pet's HackMaster Pages
* Jims Art Work
* Stories by Jim's Pet
* Our Pagan Pages / A Little About our beleifs and our On Line Grimore

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