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Weyrling Guide

WLM: Bran'ic of Bn Riandryth

Hello, I'm WeyrlingMaster Bran'ic. Congratulations! You've Impressed a dragonet! That's wonderful. You and your lifemate are going to spend a lot of time together from here on out. There's a few things you should know about weyrlinghood, about what to expect over the next Turn and a half (18 months).

The first thing, is that your whole life has just changed. Now you are in charge for caring for a living, breathing, intelligent creature, your lifemate. It's kind of like caring for a baby at first, which means your entire existence revolves around your dragonet, for when its hungry, you're hungry, and when it hurts, you hurt. That's because you and your dragonet share a special bond that links you two mentally, physically, and emotionally. But don't worry, you don't have to go through everything alone, because you're part of a weyrling class, or a clutch. You have other newly-Impressed people to help you out. You'll also attend classes so that you can educate yourself about your dragonet, how to utilize your dragonet's skills, and how you and your dragonet must work as a team with others to fight Thread.

Weyrling life is pretty hectic. Farther down the hide you'll see a general daily schedule. Take my word for it that it's just pretty general. Weyrlings Classes are held twice daily and attendence is mandatory. Weyrlings are still required to take part in chores around the Weyr, and if you are part of a Craft, you'll have to dedicate some of your time to the Craft as well. But, first and foremost comes the care of your dragonet. Newly-hatched dragonets require much more care and attention than older ones. A new dragonet needs to eat and be oiled constantly throughout the day, but most of all, it needs your love and attention. You have to develop a bond, a friendship with your dragonet, and you can only do this through good old TLC (Tender Love and Care). Which means when you're not at class, eating, doing chores, or working with your Craft, you're probably with your dragonet. Often, weyrlings try to care for their dragonets in groups so they get a bit of social time with their friends too. It's a good way to kill two wherries with one stone. And when you finally get to go to bed, believe me, you'll be tired.

I've also included for you a pack of hides with all of this information plus a little bit about dragon anatomy. Please read through the information as it is pertinent to your classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the boards.

Weyrling Guide Book

General Daily Schedule -

  • Wake at dawn. Bathe, oil, feed dragonets. Dragonets to bed.
  • W'lings breakfast and personal time for 1 candlemark.
  • Class usually for a few candlemarks (this is the one we usually RP unless otherwise specified)
  • Chores

  • Lunch - Dragonet first, then weyrling
  • Chores.
  • Candlemark or two break to spend with dragonets.
  • Class again for a few candlemarks until dinner (we don't usually RP this, but we will have a few special classes)

  • Dinner - Dragonet first, then weyrling
  • Personal time (friends, craft, etc)
  • Bed - Lights Out Curfew!

Weyrling Guide
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