Blades and Weapons

While browsing the selection, you come across a room filled with Blades and other weapons. They vary in size, shape and make. Some Large, some small, some curved, some unique in their own ways. The prices vary as you glance towards the back of the room, to the more classy types in cabinets.

Item Damage Price
Cestus d8 800
Kris d8 800
Katar d8 800
Morning Star d8 800
Sparte d8+4 1200
Stiletto d5 500
Light Arbalest d8 800
Medium Arbalest 2d8 1600
Heavy Arbalest 3d10 3000
Falchion d8 800
Light Mace d8 800
Mace 2d9 1800
Rapier d9 1600
Scimitar 2d8 1800
Trident 2d8+2 1600
Javelin 2d8 1600
Pike 2d8 1600
Bastard Sword 2d8+3 2100
Long Sword 2d8 1600
Short Sword d8 800
Gladius d10+2 1200
Cutlass d10+2 1200
Quarter Staff d9 900
Long Spear d8+5 1300
Dagger d4 400
Double Dagger 2d6 1200
Tripple Dagger 3d8 2400
Battle Axe 2d8 1600
Broad Axe 2d8 1600
Tomahawk d8 800
Horseman Hammer 2d9 1800
Halberd** 3d10+5 3500
Lajatang*** 3d10+4 3400
Warhammer**** 3d8+5 3900
Flamberge** 3d10+5 3500
** you need 17+ brawn to use *** Auriental Fighters -ONLY- **** Fighters -ONLY- and need 17+ brawn to use

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