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Created On: 7/6/2003
Updated On: 7/19/2004

Name: Akabarsess
HP: 105
Level: 11
Age: 24
Class: Fighter
Eyes: Blue Gray
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Ethic: Neutral Evil
Height: 6'4
Sex: Male
Weight: 219 lbs.
Gold: 2713
XP: 5410
Deity: None

Any special notes about characters hit points:
+3/lv Con bonus

Ability Stats:
STR: 20
Total Adj: 20 (+0 class +0 race) = 20
Dmg Mod (Melee): +4
Max Wt Allowed: 525 lbs
INT: 10
Total Adj: 10 (+0 class +0 race) = 10
Bonus Spells(mage): +0/5 Levels
Spell damage(mage): +0
Number of Languages known: 1
WIS: 10
Total Adj: 10 (+0 class +0 race) = 10
Bonus Prayers(priest): +0/5 Levels
Spell damage(priest): +0
CON: 20
Total Adj: 20 (+0 class +0 race, +1 Skill) = 21
HP Bonus/Lvl: +3
Magic Resistance: 25% +33% Class = 58%
CHAR: 10
Total Adj: 10 (+0 class +0 race) = 10
Charm Bonus: +0
DEX: 20
Total Adj: 20 (+0 class +0 race) = 20
Evade Mod: +5%
To Hit Mod Melee: +5
To Hit Mod Range: +5
Damage Mod Range: +3

Total to Hit % Ranged: 75% (74 base, +5 dex, max to hit)

Total to Hit % Melee:  75% (74 base, +5 dex, +2 Wep. Skill, max to hit)

Total Evade %:  75% (63 base, +5 dex, +5 Combat Skill, +2 Non Combat Skill)

Total Dmg Mod Melee:  +6 (4 str, 1 wep.skill, 1 class)

Total Dmg Mod Ranged:  +3 (dex)

Spell Failure: none

Prayer Failure:  none

Song Failure:  none


Languages Known:

Race Abilities / Bonuses:

Race Flaws:

Class Abilities / Bonuses:
A fighter may use any type of melee or ranged weapon, and may even specialize in one or more weapons

Fighters receive a +1 to attack and damage when they
use a weapon they have specialized with.

Class Flaws:
Fighters cannot use magical items such as scrolls (unless specially written for a fighter) staves, rods and wands unless they are a fighter/mage, or a fighter/cleric.

minimum 16 strength

minimum of 15 constitution

Character Skills

Non Combat Skills:
* Climbing 40%
* Danger Sense 35%
* Jumping
* Sense Motive 30%
* Swimming
(lvl 3)Survival - +1 to base Con
(lvl 5)Weaponsmithing: 22%
(lvl 7)Armorer: 33%
(lvl 9)Tumbling (+2 evade)
(lvl 11) Weaponsmithing: Mastery

Combat Skills:
Dual Attack *takes up two slots*
Dual Attack *takes up two slots*
(lvl 4)Quickness - +5% to evade
(lvl 7)Lightning Draw - See skill desc.
(lvl 10) Blind Fighting

Weapon Skills:
(lvl 5)Swordmanship (slashing)
(lvl 10) Bows

Weapons List:

(slot one) Gnomish hammer-pick 2d4
(slot two) True Cold-Forged Greataxe** (d12+6/+18 Against Undead/Unholy)
(slot three) ((Great Axe, see above))

Armor List:

Head: Elven Chainmail Coif (+5% soak)

Torso: Elven Chainmail (+15% soak)

Arms: Small Shield, Metal (+7% soak, can only be used with a one handed weapon

Hands: Elven Steel gauntlets (+3% soak each)

Ring of Mind Protection

Legs: Elven Chain leggins (+5% soak)

Feet: Elven reinforced boots (+2% soak)

Total Soak: 30% (37% when using one handed weapon)

Equipment List:

Storage Room (114 slots, containing a chest with 12 slots)

Riding Tiger with saddle

40 chunks of ore worth 4,000 gp

ClockworkHC plushie

Covenant_HC plushie

DeboraDawn plushie

KittyGC Plushie

Mithril Flame axe d12+5

Midnight Blue Leather Flogger with Mahogany Handle (d4+2)

Midnight Blue Wide-Tip Bat with Mahogany Handle (d3+1)

Midnight Blue Leather Viper Tongue Snapper with Mahogany Handle (d3+1)

Midnight Blue Leather “The Fork” Paddle (d3+2)

Large Midnight Blue Circular Paddle (d3+1)

1” Midnight Blue Leather Collar with Spiked Studs

2 6ft Leashes

2 Manacles Sets of Both Wrist and Ankle cuffs (1 key included for both)(-4% Evade when both are equipped)

6 foot minuture plushy of Dark Dragon Leech (1/10

150 GP Ornate Gold Anklet

150 GP Ornate Gold Bracelet

80 GP Gold Belly Chain

Jewelled Sword Sheath
Backpack (holds 10 items)
1. one torch
2. Traveler's Cloak
3. Travel Papers for the roadways of Almastan
4. Helm of underwater movement
5. Hemp Rope: 50'
6. 1 red fire Elemental Gem
7. d3+1 Foam Greataxe
8. Black Morrin Robe
9. Smithing Hammer
10. Empty

Chest (12 Slots)

1. Axe, Great ** - x3 crit slashing

2. Weapon Mold (Great Axe)slot empty)

3. 1 square foot Obsidian (+4 weapon dmg. Cannot be made for piercing. 16% soak. -4% evade per 1% soak when armor is made past 16% soak)
4. Anvil

5. Debora Dawn Plushie

6. Spiked Gauntlets d4

7. Arabian 'parachute' leggings (no soak)

8. Dread Lord Plushie w/Ruby eyes (valued at 300GP)

9. Gold coin encrusted with 13 jewels.(500 GP value)

10. Longsword d8

11. Small DystopianHC Plushie

12.(slot empty)

Character History

Akabarsess. Great traveller, great fighter, great womanizer. All of these parts make up the legend that is this man, who often can be found silently sitting in the Heart, watching as people come and go like the seasons year in and year out. No one around him truly understands him, and nobody but himself knows of his true origins. How he came to Sobenical, how he learned his deadly axe fighting, how he gained that fantastic charm that has sent many a woman's heart fluttering. All mysteries. In his years, he's begun to grow cold to those he doesn't know already, having little use for those who he deems idiotic, of which there are many.

To find out the secrets of his life, one may catch him at a good time when he might be slightly drunk, and not caring enough that he'll share, but for the most part he is silent and brooding, fearing neither man nor god he defies all that stand in his path to a goal that none have as of yet been able to learn from him. Where he plans on going, none can say, why he continues living when he'll say straight to your face that he has no reason to live. Maybe it's because there is a reason he just isn't telling anyone. Maybe it's because it's his way of spitting at the people that would rather see him dead. Who could know what thoughts float behind the eyes of this warrior, who can be considered dumb, but can amaze with deep thoughts at the same time. Only time can tell what he plans to do.

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