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I don't want to ruin the story for you at all. So I'll just describe what it's like.
The storyline and the way it's presented is just the best there ever was. Only 14 words can describe it, Insanely Creative and Interesting with twists and turns everywhere, the exciting scenes never stop.
Take the most creative and interesting thing you've ever experienced, played, read, or saw.
Now multiply that by 10,000.
This storyline just can't be topped.
The first half of the first disc starts out by people saying things you would think have no relevance to the story.
Things happening that you would think aren't that big of a deal.
But keep playin' and you'll see.
You might even have to play the game twice through to understand the story fully.
The characters and their personalities and standpoints are also established in te first disc.
The rest you'll just have to find out yourself.
By playing this game you'll experience the most stunningly interesting story ever.
You need to play it more than once through to understand the story fully, unless your a genius.
*If they made this into a movie, it would last 10 hours and it would be the most popular movie ever made*

Dont look down if you haven't beaten the game.

I see so many wrong websites talking about the story in Nibelheim -- This is what happened.
Tifa, Zack, and Sephiroth make their way to the reactor in Mt. Nibel. Cloud is there too.
Most people don't realize that the Shinra Soldier is Cloud. Inside the reactor, Sephiroth realizes
that he was created like the monsters inside the bulbs. He goes crazy and starts reading about his creation
in the Mansion basement for days. He then goes crazy and burns down Nibelheim.
He proceeds to the reactor
to retrieve Jenova (his mother). Tifa gets slashed by him. Cloud follows and sees Zack gets killed by him. Then Cloud takes Zack's Sword and
runs into the Jenova room and stabs Sephiroth while he's not looking. Then Sephiroth proceeds to get away with Jenova.
Cloud catches him on the bridge in the reactor. Sephiroth shoves his sword right through Cloud and lifts him up. Cloud lowers himself
and lifts Sephiroth. He then throws Sephiroth off the bridge. So Sephiroth DID DIE 5 YEARS AGO.
Who your interacting with most of the game is a Sephiroth clone.

WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND: Cloud really was born in Nibelheim and it really was burnt down.
But when they return to it, it's not burned and none of the people remember Cloud.

AERIS REVIVAL: They didn't have time to put the whole Aeris revival process in the game before it was finished.
But they put in a small part of the process, thats why so many people think that there's a way.