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Hey! Just judging from the title of this page, you probably don't understand what I'm really doing. This is supposed to be just an original RPG with a plot I made up.

This RPG is filled with magic, evil sorcerers, a kingdom with a king full of worries. Have fun looking around and hope in the end you join up!

Rules: Here you'll find rules that you'll need to abide by and information necessary.
Story Plot: The full story plot with much more details than the vague one I have up there.
Sign Up: The information you need to email to me in order to join.
Character Profiles: The profiles of people's characters whom have already signed up.
Available Spots: Available spots for groups.
Intro Stories: Here you can use intro stories as an example for what yours has to look like.
Links: Look for other sites that have other RPGS!

8/12: Wow. . . Only TWO days have passed since the last update. And guess what? Another character up! ^_^ Well. . Here's to hoping more! Bye everyone!

11/4: Finally! Kamika's group has been updated. A lot has reflected by the 3 times as long page. ^^

11/5: Whoo! Kamika's group has once more been added on to.

11/10: Huge update in Kamika's group. Also, that page has been separated into several so it isn't one big hulking piece.

11/13: Kamika's group is updated! And yes, I'll be shortening this update section...but working on the website and haven't gotten to that yet.

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Story Plot
Sign Up
Character Profiles
Available Spots
Intro Stories
Kamika's Group