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12-24-02 Updated By: NeverQ

Yeah, I know.  It's been forever since I updated.  NoS has been semi-inactive as of late.  A few HoT groups here and there, some epic kills.  That's about it.  Kayen got his leafblower which made him NoS' first epic'd Druid.  I (NQ) will have a daughter on Dec.26th =D Kaylee Michelle is her proposed name.  I'm hoping she'll be an enchanter like her daddy <snicker> I hope I haven't missed anything important.  If so, email me and I can add it.  Happy holidays, everyone =)


11-28-02 Updated By: NeverQ

Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the States.  To everyone else, NoS would like to wish you a wonderful weekend.  Not a lot has been happening lately.  We have added Taldian (59 Ranger) to our ranks along with Sidian's significant other, Milanie (55 Druid).  Also recently joined is Grunnion (50 Paladin).  Everyone has been trying to grind out a few levels so that we can move on to bigger and better things.  An Evolution Dawn member recently tried to flame your's truly =) It didn't quite work out the way he/she expected. ;) Feel free to read the sorry excuse for a flame here.  Other than that, all has been well.  Safe journeys to YOU =)


11-13-02 Updated By: NeverQ

Been a bit.  Same 'ole, same 'ole.  NoS has a few new members that we love, /wave Kayen, Tyrell, and anyone else that I am forgetting. 


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