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Joining Information

Just Email this information to me.
  • Your AIM SN
  • what race you want to be.
  • What Personallity you are.
  • A short Biography on your character
  • And a Description and/or picture of your character


  • Gets 2x more of losing exp.
  • Transforms Earlier in the game
  • Extra 200 PL boost if friend gets KOed Extra 500 PL boost if friend dies.
  • Can Transform into Oozeru when someone uses Artificial moon tech.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Cannot turn down fight
  • Personallity Can Only be dumb/or angry

  • Human

  • Starts off with weapon
  • Personallity is always smart and can have another personallity too. (EX:SMART & ANGRY)
  • When someone else has weapons, May steal them.(low chance though)

  • Disadvantages:
  • Starts off weaker than other characters
  • Takes long to reach Super FORM

  • Namek

  • When Koed only takes a half hour to heal
  • May Heal teammate in battle(takes one turn, and heals by 10% percent of their health each time the ability is used.)

  • Disadvantages:
  • Can Only be the Smart personallity type

  • Heals 5% health after each round.
  • Cannot be hurt by weapons.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Can only be Angry type personallity.
  • Cannot Carry weapons
  • CAnnot Join an alliance

  • Andriod

  • Cannot be hurt by Light or Medium KI
  • If someone forgets, and shoots a KI at them, they may return the energy sending it back towards them.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Cannot use healing items.

  • Kaio

  • Automatically Go to KAIO planet when they die

  • Konackan

  • Begins with Mighty Sword.

  • Personallities
  • Can get One hit kill attacks. And Can get other KI attacks faster.
  • Gets +2 Luck(more than the usual luck addition) every level
  • Gets +2 Srength(more than the usual Strength addition)Per level

    Email me: dark_macro@yahoo.comto join or
    Instant messaging me at mynameisianfry