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Well, this is basically how you play... You say what you want/will do for your next turn, I roll a die/dice to see if dmg/miss/1/2dmg.

Alright now... You'll see what kind of attacks you may do...

Items: Inf or based on item or ammo
Punch: may use infinite times.
Kick: same as above
Head Butt: same as above
Knee: 4 times
Super Punch/Kick: 3 times
Tackle: 2 times
Light Ki: 3 times (ex: finger beam)
Medium Ki: 2 times (ex:kamehameha)
Heavy Ki: 1 time (ex: final flash)
On hit kill ki: once a week. (ex: Death Ball)
Others: Power up, you may do once a battle(uses one turn). Transformations, You may do any time in a battle (uses 1 turn also).
You may shoot a beam back to deflect, but you are using your attack points. The beam must also be the same type of KI(ex:light ki).

Another thing, the Ki attacks you get are based upon what race/personallity you pick your character to start out with.

Combos are more than one attack per turn, you may have up to 6 attacks at a time, But if you do that you can only hit them once for the rest of the match. And if you use a 3 combo, then you can you use one more 3 combo. Then you must attack once for the rest of the match.

Now, certain stats you have...
HP Is you health, obivously.
STR is your strength, and determines your dmg.
SP is your speed, determines who goes first.
LUK is your luck, determines dodge ratio.
PL is your powerlevel, it's what you base you power off of. Like the average of all your stats.

There are different types of matches and they are the following:
One On One: Where you have a one on one sparing match with another member.
Free For all: Up to 8 People can be in a chatroom and fight.(spar)
Death Match (one on one): A fight to the death.
Death Match (Free for all): A fight to the death between more than 2 members, and less than 9.

Well this is basically the jist of it. Oh and one more thing... We battle through AIM, so you better get AIM if you don't already have it. I set up the fights through a Chatroom on Aim. Ask me who you want to fight and I will set it up.

So here is a sample battle.
Mynameisianfry: Hi everyone, poo1 goes first, poo2 you're second in line.
Poo1: alright... "Hya!" Poo1 kicks poo2 in the face.
Mynameisianfry: Hit, 10 dmg.
Poo2: "nice job" powerup.

You get the jist of it right? Hopefully, if not you'll learn.