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Osaka, Nippon in Karsadia

This room is an adult roleplaying room
YOU must bee 18 years of age to enter this room
any one caught under age will be booted by Rcs or the owner of the site or mods therein!

Welcome to Osaka, Nippon
This is the  main city which the ruling Scarab Clan
and the Family Akido rule Nippon and all its
feifdoms there about in Nippon.
Nippon is a realm based on Feudal Japan where
Clans fought each other for Power and Honor.
Nippon is located on a Dysen Sphere known as
Karsadia, this is not a world..but a realm of its own.
The primary rulers are now Emperor Akido Torananga (NPC), Shogun Akido Shugomi
of the Scarab Clan, and the Daimyo Shen Tsukune.
Nippon is a RUTHLESS realm, and a cruel one..with
Samurai who have dishonored their homes and Clans
are asked to commit seppeku (ritual suicide) to regain their
Karma and Honor. This is done also to save face for a samurai
to lose face is losing honor. This is decreed by the Shogun, Daimyo and/or their Family as well.
We the members of this room who put it together, making pages, and rules etc..ask you PLEASE to follow the rules of Nippon and the room.
If you have questions Please feel free to ask any of the members in the room, we are always happy to help you out with anything you need to know about Our Home.

The History of Nippon
The Once Emperor of Nippon was Kotei Hakima Yama, who ruled
Nippon from Hakima Island, there he raised His daughter Yoko and His son
Yori  who was to be the next in line to the throne of Nippon and Emperor.
But His ally of the Scarab Clan had married Yoko...and became the Daimyo
of Nippon..where he ruled with a strong will which pleased Kotei Hakima, and he
made His ally the Shogun. His ally being Akido Toranaga, ruler of the Akido Family
and Clan Elder of the Scarab Clan Samurai. day....while her pregnancy was still new...word came from the temple of the Mother Pearl that the children had become very powerful, and that they were godlike in many ways. Yoko being a very spiritual woman and beliefs of what monks and priests say...Heard that the Reckoning was soon to come, and that She and the children now named Kaemon and Aiko were in danger of being turned by this  and all near would perish, Toranaga didn't like  this and took her to a safe place  where she could be well taken care of....after a great deal of pondering, he and her both went back to Nippon. There she had the children under a great deal of duress, recieving word that her Brother Yori had killed her father to take the throne from the Kotei...and become  Kotei Himself..with the many armies behind him....he had thought he had nothing to lose, He was wrong...Hakima had a small army with other Clans involved. They followed Him to their own demise....for Destiny and karma ruled Toranaga. he was going to be  the next Kotei..and bring peace back to Nippon. With this new order..the ruling people now are Kotei Akido Toranaga (NPC), and he Empress Akido Yoko in Hakima (NPC) and their Son is now the Shogun of Nippon Akido Shugomi.....The Daimyo Shen Tsukune and his Okusan Gemmei Tsukune.

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