In the list below, you will find Nightmare's trusty staff. You will find them in three rankings, NGM (Nightmare Game Master), NGC (Nightmare Game Counselor) and NGI (Nightmare Game Initiate). Below is a hosts NPC (Neutral Player Character) bios, a pic, position and contact info.



Text Box:  Position: Co-Owner, Head of Updates, Player Support, Event Host







Text Box:  NPC Bio: Volsta is, by all means, king of the underworld. He is sometimes found hovering about the mortal realm, staying mostly by himself. Encounters with the Great One, a deity himself, are extremely rare, though happen on major occasions. Most times he appears in a gnomish type form, annoying as best he can. However, when caught in demon form, he is probably the most serious man you are ever bound to meet.





Text Box: Position: Co-Owner, Event Host, Second in command




    NightmareRPG was created and started by Kyle D. Mundhenk and Nick E. Doran. All ideas, maps etc. are Copywrite 2004 Kyle D. Mundhenk, Nick E. Doran.


Text Box: Self Bio: Kyle Mundhenk, in spare time, enjoys rock music, reading and outdoor stuff. For him, boredom is never a problem.