Though there aren't many, there are some rules in Nightmare. If a staff member catches you breaking one, it may mean being kicked from the rooms, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban. It all depends on the severity.

1. While some OOC (Out Of Character) is allowed, do not abuse it. Either take it to #Nightmare-OOC, or use little of it. There should be no OOC in a quest or event of any kind. If OOC is put in any main room, stick it in ( ) or < >, so it is known as OOC.

2. Nightmare is rated R due to violence, language and light sexual encounters, though let's keep it at R, shall we?

3. NO ARGUING WITH STAFF. If a host makes a call, that's final.

4.  God Moding is not allowed. Period. This is in FFRP, or non FFRP when one makes ones character ultimate. EX.: Xania steps in with her eight massive arms, each wielding a mystical sword worth 9,000,000 steel, and glowing with godly power. She took one look at a gnome at the bar, wrinkled her nose, and the gnome exploded. When the gnomes friend brought in his elder dragon, she laughed as she was fried to a crisp and came right back to life. 

5. Updates may take a while to be added. Note that the staff is all people, and updates are made by said people. We are all human, and should be treated such.

6. All items/abilities must be on ones character sheet. Any borrowed items must also be placed on a character sheet to be used. You MAY NOT use any item/ability if it is not on you character sheet.

7. Advertising is a definite no. Period.

  NightmareRPG was created and started by Kyle D. Mundhenk and Nick E. Doran. All ideas, maps etc. are Copywrite 2004 Kyle D. Mundhenk, Nick E. Doran.