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Nightmare is still within it's beginning stages, so please, bare with. For FFRPing with your wanted character, or just fun, server:; port: 6667 ; Main room #Nightmare-Inn.

(Don't mind appearance, it will change periodically.)

Note (An pay attention, cause this is a big note)-I currently am part of staff at 9KingdomsRPG, and I love working their. It's to good of a thing for me to quit out of now. Work will continue on Nightmare, though it will take longer to launch, a lot longer, due to I want to continue working at 9k. However, if anyone wants to join staff here, please, send me an email, and I'll set you off on some work, and we'll see how things turn out.

To apply for staff, send an email on over to

Let yourself drift away in to a world far from our own. A world where nearly anything can happen, filled with magic and beasts you might see in a fairy tale, and many, many more. Step into a world where normal is your description of bizarre.

Dagious is a world of darkness, but can that be changed? It all relies on you to turn the tide of war, and change the happenings in the world. The gods tried to stop this themselves with the splitting of the continent Ermithul, but seem to have failed.

With the splitting, darkness was banished to their own continent and those with good souls sent to theirs, neutral people and beasts in between, although now those boundaries are broken. Darkness is rising and running wild, will you stop it, or help it?

The fate of the world relies on your choices. Welcome to NightmareRPG, where your worst nightmares become reality.

August 24, 2004: Some big things are starting to happen now. After deciding on a co-ownership with SorgoNGM, who just joined staff, many things are getting done. We've decided on the d50 system, and already classes, prestiges and races are beginning to get done. Soon, we'll be onto fine tuning the system and working on skills.

August 21, 2004: Well, I've decided to continue working on Nightmare, though now I need some staff more then ever. Work will be slow, but I've also come to decide on wanting a new system, d100 seems to difficult. I'm thinking maybe d50, though I'm still not sure. I'm going to begin work with remaking classes and also finishing races.

May 17, 2004: Finishing professions, working on races, creating rules, drafting religion. Possibly changing layout. Back ground changed.



    NightmareRPG was created and started by Kyle D. Mundhenk and Nick E. Doran. All ideas, maps etc. are Copywrite 2004 Kyle D. Mundhenk, Nick E. Doran.