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Anime: Read Or Die: TV series.

After seeing the Read Or Die OAV I decided that I had to at least check out the TV series. I have had bad experiences with this previously, but with R.O.D I had to try. I am happy to report that I am not dissapointed.

The series takes place around 4 years after the OAV with a whole new cast of main characters. There are four main characters. Three sisters, Anita, Maggy and Michelle run a detective agency called "The Three Sisters Detective Company". The three sisters are paper masters just like Yomiko from the OAV. Unlike Yomiko however they are very specialized. Each of the sisters have a sort of signiture power. The last character is Nenene, a writer whom the sisters have been hired to protect.

Also unlike the OAV the TV series has more of a detective feel to it as opposed to the strong secret agent aspect of the OAV. This by no means tho makes it slower than the OAV, just a little change of personality and music.

I was VERY happy to see some of the old faces as well. You get to see pretty much all the characters from the OAV. However, many of the characters have undergone huge personality changes.

The sisters adventures are mostly light hearted and comical. The two older sisters, Michelle and Maggy, are almost as obsessed with books as Yomika was. The youngest sister, Anita, actually hates books and often gets annoyed with her sisters. Each of the sisters have a completely different personality which makes interacting with other people interesting.

I finished the entire series and was left sad to see it end. The final two episodes are well put together and leave a strong feeling of closure.

Rating: B+