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Anime: BloodRayne.

BloodRayne was a game that I looked at for quite some time and for the longest time it sat at $29.99. A few weeks ago it dropped to 14.98 and I have to try it. The game was worth the wait.

The games story is the same as about every other half-vampire's story. The main character is a half-vampire named Rayne. Her father was a very powerful vampire and killed Rayne's mother's entire family. So, like every other half breed vampire she hates vampires and hunts them. But unlike Others like "Blade" and "vampire hunter D" She is a gore loving, blood suckin, chixor. Like Blade she wields blades and guns. Unlike Blade though her weapons and skills are way friggin cooler and he blades are unique. Throughout the game you pick up guns and can dual wield them until the ammo runs out. Her blades are used it tandem with devastating kicks and acrobatic attacks.

Another interesting aspect of this game is Rayne's collection of powers. She has bloodrage which increases he power and defense during battle, vampire sight which acts as a sort of infravision, and dialated perspective which puts the game into slow motion allowing you to literally dodge bullets.

In the story Rayne works for a organization known as the brimstone society. This secret organization