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First let me say that I am a lover of violent video games, so this one instantly appealed to me. BloodRaye is developed by Terminal Reality and published by Majesco. It is rated mature for blood and gore, intense violence, and sexual content.

The story revolves around a femal half-vampire secret agent that is working with a secret organization while she searches for her vampire father whom she wishes to kill. Your training ground is a mission you complete in a Louisiana swamp. You learn the ropes that tells you how to jump, kill, suck blood, ect. You are sent on a mission that involves assassinating certain people by the Brimstone society which you currently work for. This is where it especially peaked my interest because I got to do two of my favorite things in this game. Kill nazis. Kill zombies. As a added bonus you get to do both of these things in very creative and bloody fashions.

Graphics in this game were better than average for the PS2 which is good because you need to be able to pull off some pretty complex manuvers. It also enhances the gore level. The weaponry is also nicely done. For one you have two 4 foot long blades that are attatched to your wrists. These are used for hacking your enemies into tiny pieces. You can also pick up weapons that your prey drop. The weapons can be dual wielded and the auto aim option allows you to target two opponents at once.

Gameplay is difficult to learn at first. For one you have the ability to jump about 15 feet straight up, land on a telephone wire, tightrope over a river and make a jump toward your opponent while firing two rifles. This becomes easier than it sounds by the time you make it through the swamp training level.

Overall this is a great game if you like the action/adventure genra, and don't mind blood that much this a a great game. Overall I give it a 8 out of 10.