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Anime: Read Or Die.

I recently rented Read Or Die (also known as "R.O.D"). It has the aspects of a secret agent anime with a great mix of comedy and drama. The main character is Kimiko, who has the power to manipulate paper in many different ways. She is also extremely obsessed with books to the point that she will risk her life to retrieve a book she has started reading. She ends up assigned to save the world from great peril which is threatened in a very original way. I even liked the voice acting that was very well done.

It was nice to have a change in pace from the sword or gun wielding super hero. The ability to make paper into shields, weapons and useful tools is extremely fun because it can have so many applications.

Read or die is a three episode OAV. Each episode is 30 minutes long. I recommend watching the intro at least once as it sets the scene and the music kicks ass.

I highly recommend that you rent this anime. It has style and a great plotline. I give this anime an 8.5/10.