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Game: Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness
Distributer: Atlus U.S.A
Genra: Strategy RPG

Thank Atlus for bringing this awesome strategy RPG to America. This game is fuckin awesome. In my opinion this blasts the hell outta Final Fantasy: Tactics.

The main character Laharl is the prince of the underworld. Your quest of mystery, betrayal and intrigue begins with Larharl's journy to take the place of his dead father as The overlord of the underworld. But to do so he has to compete with all the other demons of the underworld who are fighting over the title.

The characters can be very flexible with the ability to customize their skills. You can get henchmen with different races and classes to build your group and cut through hordes of enemies with reckless abandon. I have yet to see a level cap which is an awesome part of the game. There is even a way to level up your weapons.

Battle system
Another feature of this game is the fantastic battle system. The battle grid is for the most part easy to navigate so as to command your characters to victory. A interesting variable is geo spheres. Geo spheres can affect different parts of the battle grid to do everything from making character tougher to adding XP to kills.
The ability to gain levels during battle was also a help in many cases. gaining those extra hit points and magic points during battle could help greatly.

I should note that you do not have to master the game in any way to complete the game. However I put many hours into leveling characters and weapons because of how addictive it became.

There are so many more feature of this game that I don't have time to tell about. Great characters, a fantastic story and great battle system set this game apart from the rest. Therefore I give Disgaea: Hour of Darkness a 9 out of 10.