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I really really really hope that this site doesn't need to be updated often but inevitably, something will tick me off and I will want to rant about it.

Some people really need to be drug into the middle of the fuckin street and shot in the head....five times, then five times in the chest for good measure. Example, yesterday someone came into toys, grabbed a bunch of shit, and took off runnin. Now as I tell anyone when the topic of thievery I make my views clear. The above punishment is what I truly think these people deserve. A even better example is a lady who WAS a employee of toys r us and got fired because she was cought stealing. She often comes in nowa days and If we can't follow her around she steals. I know this because I called her on something but we had to let her go due to apparent lack of proof. Now this isn't why I propose the shooting thing right now. What really fuckin make my blood boil is that she has a kid who comes in with her. she steals with her child there teaching her child, (about 8 years old) that stealing is all right. I think that we should cut off her fuckin legs and throw her into a shark tank at the very least.

Havn't ranted in a while, but I have a couple of topics this glorious fuckin day. I work at a wonderful little toy store known as "Toys R Us". Now year round the music fuckin annoys me. over time I have learned to tune most of it out (though I do like the ren and stimpy happy happy joy joy song). However I must say that the fucking christmas music. How many fucking versions of a christmas song can there be. And how about that I saw mama kissin santa claus shit. Let's analyze this a bit. A young child witnesses his mother commiting an adulterous act and decides to keep his silence rather than tell his father. Is this a problem we want to pose to children at such a young age. And the version we get has a high pitched childs voice that bores into your brain, hollows out your head by using corrosive acids and plants it's fucking eggs in my skull, and hatches into full fledged balls of shit. Yes, this is how bad it is.

HO HO FUCKING HO! Christmas season is coming and I am already getting pissed off at customers. I had day that is reminiscent of a web comic I read. I must say that Darwin speaks to me too and if someone doesn't hold me back I may snap soon too. Well, all I can do is put up with them. But it's not even fucking december yet. It pisses me off that even though holloween isn't past people are already acting like dicks looking for their kids christmas present, asking me dumbass questions like "I am looking for a video game, all I know is it starts with a D." And then they look all fucking dissapointed and shit when I don't have the ability to reach up my ass and pull the answer out for them!

This one comes from a unnamed DM who belives that there is no room for two rogues in one party. That every character must play a class as a stereotypical generic character. WHAT THE HELL! I have played in games that were better and lasted longer with the presence of two rogues and the lack of arcane spellcaster. we also lacked the standard "front row fighter". What did this lead to? The ability to take out several minotaurs is a matter of two rounds. The two rogues had have great versitility and the party is better because of it. How can someone not see this. Though when i try to explain it I feel like I am speaking, but the other person isn't comprehending the simple freakin concepts. Behind all of this, PCs should be able to play a human frickin rogue if they want. It is not as if I am throwing savage species into it! Good lord, I am glad i got that outta me.

I felt that I should speak up about Starcraft: Ghost. To be specific, the fact that is has been pushed back to christmas 2005! I was lookin forward to this game for friggin months with a release date of june 8th. Now I know how those HALO fans feel.