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October 15
New reviews up for Amon Saga, Read or Die, and The first InuYasha Movie. Also, if you would like to make comments or submit your own review please e-mail them to with the subject as "review submit". I will be happy to post them in a new guest section. And be sure to give your name so that I can give proper credit due.

August 26
Inu Yasha which is currently also known as my favorite anime, is being turned Into an RPG. This means that two of my favorite things are coming together again. It must be noted that there have been Inu Yasha games in the past but I never got around to playing them as they were fighting games. I will review those when I get around to playing them.

Kumoricon is only a about a week away and I am stoked! any monetary contributions for my trip will gladly be accepted. I take cash, checks, money orders and bling. Donations Must be recieved by noon on friday september 3rd.

September 1
My DDR skillz are slippin. Lucky for me A couple of friends have recently commited to give me lessons. Now all I need is a wealth of quarters.

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