NEXUS - Skipping the Dark Fantastic

As the strange whorls of blue and green energy finally disappate, you find yourself standing in what appears to be a city square. Night has fallen, and constellations you don't recognize can be seen crossing the heavens.

You look around confused, as you try to get your bearings. Yep. You definitely aren't in Kansas anymore. Where the hell are you?

"Hey. You." You hear a voice off to one side. Turning, you see a strange, red-haired young man, around the age of twenty, leaning against a lamp post. "Come over here."

As you approach this serious-looking young man, you don't know whether to be threatened or curious. He looks human enough, but something seems a bit off. .. Then you see it. A tail. Tiger-striped. And long, furry ears. he turns his face up out of the shadows, he reveals that he has stripes on the lower part of his face, and strange, silver-blue eyes. And he's polishing a long, white-bladed sword, like a katana.

"You're new to these parts, aren't you. .." He observes, tone unreadable. His silver eyes seem to drill right through you, and you can't help shifting uncomfortably where you stand.

"Well. .. sorta. .." You reply sheepishly. He looks you over, judging you. Then he stands away from the lamp post, and puts sword away.

"Let me guess. .. " He rolls his eyes tiredly. "You were minding your own business, and you got sucked into a dimensional warp that just so happened to be located in the bowl of your toilet, and then you found yourself here. .."

Seeing the shocked, mortified and embarassed expression on your face, the cat-man suddenly breaks his ice-cold stare and glare, and smiles broadly. "Don't worry about it. That's how we all got here. Welcome to the NEXUS."

"I'm just the greeting guy around here, always waiting for the new arrivals. We get some new ones every day. Most don't stick around, but a few do. So, I'm in charge of giving them a tour of the area."

He points out several buildings in the distance. One is a massive, hi-tech looking building, bigger than you can possibly imagine. Another, apparently a seedy nightclub/restaurant, covered in neon lights. Yet another is a non-descript building, with a sign saying 'Museum' hanging out front, and the last seems to be a rebuilt Space Telescope, the kind that looks like a satellite dish aimed at the stars, from the ground. "In order, there's the Hangar Bay,The Menagerie, The Art museum, and the Hyperspace Translocator."

As an after thought he adds, "Oh, and if you have any trouble, come back and find me. I can tell you more about this place if you want. I can't leave the arrival area, because of the new people, so. .. Just find me. My friends are working in each area, so they'll guide you around. Just don't piss them off."

He turns to leave, heading back into the shadows. Over his shoulder, he tosses "Or I'll find you. The name is Kaleb. Kaleb Fenoir. I'll be writing my rant if you wanna find me here."

In moments, you stand alone in the square, by a fountain that bubbles softly from the water coming out of it. Where do you want to go?"

"I feel kinda Heavy Metallish. . ."

"I'm Hungry and bored. .."

"Where the hell am I?. . .and who was that guy. .."

"I wanna know what he's writing in his rants. .."

"That's it, I'm outta here. This place is too weird."

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