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This site is a character shrine... dedicated to my character. Yes, I know it's shamelessly vainglorious, but I figured it'd be nice to store everything in something other than a long profile thread. Everything found here is official but not completely immune to change.

Nereus is slowly becoming one of my most developed and favorite characters, simply because I've spent many hours just gearing him up. He was originally based off Zelgadis, but the base is pretty much the only thing he has in common with Zelgadis now, and even that is a tiny bit different. He's Szurane's gothy swordsman who, with some stumbling along the way, will hopefully learn how to care for people. Hopefully. So forgive me if this shrine sounds awfully em0.

"Show me a happy man and I will cure him for you." ~ Nereus

~ Crysta, player of Nereus, Destroyer of Worlds

Nereus � Copyright Crysta. Szurane � Copyright Minerva. Image � Copyright whoever authored .hack.
Slayers � Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi. Site was created by Crysta. DON'T SUE ME PLZ.