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As you place your foot on the first step, you can sense the sturdyness of the thick wood before your hand rests on the circular, smooth, redwood banister.

Your curiosity leads you up, past different openings with gold metallic letters next to it, but as you continue to climb, you notice that the letters are going in alphabetical order.

You decide to take a break and step through one of the entryways and into the dimly lit hallway.

As your feet glide against the elegant and smooth redwood floors, your eyes can't help but see a glimmer of golden numbers that are placed in the middle of white doors that seem to connect to each other with pale sandy colored walls.

Your nose can catch the gentle scent that seem to flow from the ivy decorating the halls with mysterious flowers budding from the vine. You can't help but feel at peace, but you also would like to wander.

Behind you there is a glass doorway with a long elegant patio and infront of you, is a glass doorway which seem to hide washing and drying machines on the other side. You also look downstairs and wonder if you have missed anything.

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