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Slinking through the allies, you can sense nothing but pain. Crawling through the dark, you smell nothing but death Racing through the blood, you feel there is no time… Straining to keep your focus…you see nothing but hell. You realize you aren’t dead…so it can’t be hell… How could it not with the tall, dark, gothic towers Surrounded by blood stained cobble stone paths?

You can not hear yourself think The cries of the dead plague your mind You breathe in droplets of tears that Evaporate into the sunless skies You wonder how you got here As you scan the empty fields And see nothing but dead grass and skeletons. Reaching out their skinless arms as their half torn lips Are stuck in the middle of the word ‘help’

You close your eyes, and there isn’t darkness And you see what others have warned you about You see Detsu The world’s most well known location Others who thought it game… died playing

Your stomach churns as you scan the pile of bodies Still nearly in the condition they died in… One on top of another… All eyes on you All seem to reach out for your help All of them…wondering Is this all life has to offer?

You open your eyes and look at the huge silver castle With a blood moat that surrounds it and a black metal bridge That leads people from the town to their grave.

The spirits whisper warnings to you They say that the queen kills for fun… They say this town is dead for kicks They say before they go mute to your scared mind…

There are only a few remaining true shadeauxs left The rest are off-breeds and captives Shadeauxs are pure darkness... Only four or five remain As long as they are This world will never be Better than Hell

Head Towards the Light