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Nazo Sakaba Main

You enter a relatively confusing and difficult have entered WinMX and found a room called *Nazo Sakaba* or *The Tavern*. And you think to yourself 'I wonder what this is...?' so what do you do? You enter...and by now your jaw has already dropped because you dont know what is going on...or who anybody is. EVEN IF you knew who everyone dont quite understand them...and then you think 'What have I just walked in on?'

So you look up at the glowing URL that has offically sent you here (after you read all the happy rules information) and you are slightly giddy because not only does it contain information about the characters...but it has cute lil images too...tee hee...

OK enough of the silly story...I know most of you guys were thinking that TOO, BUT, thats why you MUST pay attention to what you read here...cause if its here...then there is no need to ask about it in the room UNLESS its something you dont understand about the character...if so...PRIVATE MAIL the bottom of each character's description I will ask thier player if they mind I place their email there...if me...

I hope you enjoy what you see and it is of some I said, any quesitons, just email me

BTW you can use the name at the very top as a link!

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