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Nazo Sakaba Main

You enter a quiet town…peaceful, happy, and overly optimistic. The houses are white with red roofs and the grass is healthy and green. There is one problem…you are a tired traveler who has a taste for something wild! Your worn feet continue to move on as your dry mouth talks to the other civilians about where is the nearest pub. For each civilian comes the classic horrid wide-eyed effect and jaw dropping expression like you have just mentioned something forbidden! The towns' people surround you as their angered fits and cries blend into your mind, you see an old man approach you…the crowd seperates so he can reach you, his contorted face twists into a displeased expression as he speaks to you, ”Ah, another one…looking for a drink I suppose? Wretched devil supporter! You may have your drink…but not in our beloved town…you like the others will be sent west!” you quirk a brow and wonder what he means by ‘west’ The old man clears his throat and continues “How many are we going to get in this town before our beauty dies?” then he glares at you “To the west there is a mysterious tavern…go there to poison your soul... but leave our beloved town!” the man, in one swift motion, points to the faint trail that leads west. “And don’t return…ever…unless you promise to never damage our image…” you kick the dirt and curse a couple of words under your breath as you grab your things and travel west along the path set out for you.

As you continue west…you can’t help but feel a strange force as the town seem to disappear behind you from the heavy amount of misty fog rolling in. That, however, doesn't stop you from just wanting a frickin drink and place to relax! You look to the north and you can see nothing but mountains in the distance along with a large amount of forestry that makes it seem like there is no ground. You look ahead, then behind, and grumble as you quietly remind yourself that you are climbing a steep hill. Also to the north you can see a large crystal clear lake with trees surrounding it…but neither direction has a path, but as you relax your eyes and stand for a moment, you can catch the faint sounds of ogres, birds, horses, dragons, and other mysterious creatures that lurk within the forests. A strange shiver runs up your spine as you force yourself to continue on.

The tavern starts to appear clear through the mist as you approach it. The faint letters ‘Nazo Sakaba’ are etched on the side by the door. What really creeps you out, is not the twisted roots that grow by and the trees that appear like they are in pain, but the fact that you feel a very unnatural magical imbalance that makes a strange static like force surround your body as your hairs stand on end…if you have any. You sigh and look around to make sure you have the right place, and sure enough…this is the only thing for miles! You place your hand on the door knob…and slowly twist open and walk in…questions, hope, relief, and a sense of tension fill your mind as soon as the door closes behind you…

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