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Nazo Sakaba's Inside

When you fist step in, you can catch the subtle hint of pine wood mixed with wine. You take another step against the harwood floor and step to the side to get out of the way to observe the tavern better.

You first notice how the interior reminds you of something you would see inside a ski-cabin. You run a hand down the smooth, wooden walls with ivy gracefully designing it. To the left, you can see a large stage thats three feet above the ground, but several feet deep. Three metal poles stick up in a triangualr fashion, causing your mind momentarily wander before its interrupted by a glass being slammed to the right of you.

When you take a glance to your right, you can see the long, sturdy counter that also serves as a bar. Behind it you can see can a few people idly working as others lounge on the love seat placed in the corner opposite of where the 'gate' opens.

You continue to watch the actions inside, waitresses slipping in and out of the gate like door, and others running in and out of the kitchen, with is located directly behind the bar area. When you lean back though, you can see the deep alcoholic drinks closet, only lit by the light given by the front room.

You decide to make your way past the bar, and come across a set of stairs, and behind it are the bathrooms. You look up to the stairs, and wonder where they lead to...

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Head upstairs