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Well, what do you expect? A nice nearly abandoned area and NO monsters on this devil's land? HA! Were YOU ever mistaken! Here at this page are links to different locations where you can various types of monsters, and hopefully, pictures of them. Yes I am pretty lame...I will not only strive to make my own, but I have a few little friends that are called D&D Monster manuals that I am taking information out of. If you see one of those, it will say DD next to it, if its one of mine, its going to have nothing next to it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient! Not every monster will be up all at once, it will take time and patience. I am having to find a way to add pictures for an example, so bear with me alright?

If there are any mistakes on information on a monster, or wish to see a monster that is not listed on here, please let me know.

Monsters on Land