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Hey guys, just letting you know that there are some added information for the Tavern itself.

Players: Images please send to and put the subject as *nazo* and your character's name youre sending the image of. That will help me distinguish them from the rest of the junk mail I only seem to recieve.

I am going to put up a link stating the borderlines when it comes to art, I'm doing it not only to protect you from being chastized, but protect me from being either sued or something of the other if you take copywrited images. ^_^ or aquire information, then send it to me. yah?

I am currently in the search for some backgrounds, woo, go me! So that its a little more interesting, I am at school donig this so my places are limited for the meanwhile.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND YOUR DESCRIPTIONS AND YOUR PLANET INFORMATION! The planets are so that people can get a bit of background from where your character is from without having to write a history for it in the character descrptions, and remember. We don't want to read a story, try to make the descriptions interesting without overdoing it.

Thank You and have a wonderful weekend...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

---------------------------------------------------- November 2- I added sounds to some of the pages. Dynia, upstairs, kagehikoshi's character page. I dont know the others, I am on the hunt for backgrounds and music still, remember to send in your things when you are ready kay?

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