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Kage Edon Hikoshi(Kage)-Shadeaux-

You see a lovely figure sitting with their back to you. While they stand about 6’1, their hair hangs down to their mid back. You catch a glimpse of their almost white slightly frail hands and their long slender fingers. You decide to introduce yourself and tap them on the shoulder. “Umm, ma’am?” They turn to meet you…the first thing you see is their extremely pale crystal blue eyes that their silver bangs slightly fall over. Your eyes wander down as you see their thin pale pink lips and by the time you think you can get lucky…it hits you as they say “Hello?”… IT’S A FRIKIN MAN!!

You stumble back and get a better glimpse of…him. His blood red amulet in the center of his forehead seems to be the most color on his face. He is wearing a black long sleeve shirt that hangs a little over the tops of his hands and baggy black pants with 2 red triangles on the bottom for design. His shoes are also black with silver military like metal across the front and a bit of red, also, for design. You guess at first he is an elf with his slightly pointed ears and beautiful soft skin. A vision flashes through your mind of another form, one with wings that knock you a bit away from him, they were hard like steel!

He gives you a funny look for acting so strange…like you were suppose to know he was a guy…he doesn't even look old…(Hes only 18). You now watch him chuckle and walk off; even his voice is soft and beautiful, like what you would imagine an angel sounding like. You can smell a faint rosy scent coming off his skin…


Kage’s past is long and complicated…but as his player…I tried to hunt him down and spent about a month listening to it…hehe, well it FELT like it was that long…and here it is…

Kage grew up on the planet Shadeaux when Helga was queen. As a child he never got to play like the others or even learn to laugh. All he knew is that he was born to play devil, to kill and steal souls…and he did his job well. He would always avoid sexual contact as his parents, Kurayami Hikoshi and Saudi Sniith, sold him off to older males and a few lesbians for money. They managed to pull this off by dressing him up as a girl and beating the restraining issue out of him…making him tolerate to ‘touching’. It messed up his mind a little…driving him to insanity and as he matured a little he was taught magic and a bit of physical powers and with this…he killed his father in cold blood; removing his organs through his throat and setting them aflame. He did it to save his mother, which later turned... she was after his blood…

Through much sorrow and hatred…he had turned into a walking angel of death. He rarely smiled unless the person he was killing screamed to be spared…when he turned 18…his life changed…he found someone from Earth that really changed who he was…he was ‘the chosen one’ that Murai had predicted…but there were 5 of them…it was just Kage was first to find her. The girl’s name was Xerol…who soon fell out of his life after they were married for a few months…leaving him to pray to be dead…even though during their engagement he had been taken in and finally told that he was the third generation death.

Now he spends his life traveling and helping others…just so he doesn't partake in the past again…and he dares not to…but sometimes…instincts win.


One of his forms is his demon form…he looks the same except his personality is a little more darker and his wings appear

Who needs a form when you have Maho!? That’s right, his dagger Maho…it may not be a form but it plays a special role in his life. Even though Maho is dead…the dagger lives on…

Gaurdian…he isn’t a form, he just controls Kage’s body and tries to get people to kill him…LOOK FOR SILVER EYES (See info on Gaurdian)