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The world of Dynia, is almost like a faerie tale unto itself.

How easy is it to imagine a beautiful world with sun-risen stained skies and sunset filled water?

How can anyone close his or her eyes and sense the warm spring airflow brush gently between the sweet blades of grass and whistle a soft tune between the trees as it whips around their body?

Then…how can anyone open their eyes to find him or herself still in this tale?

This planet seems unrealistic and very romantic. An idle planet for people who just want to get away and enjoy themselves, (that is if they can find it), because this planet has rarely ever been seen and some arent sure if it even shares a universe with the normal spotted planets. All that a few that its located in the same universe or galaxy as Shadeaux...

The most unusual thing about this planet, that anyone could make out, is that there are no males on this planet. The planet seems to be run, protected, and clensed by females. Not any ordinary female, but female faeries of all shapes and sizes. And they help color and keep the planet looking its most beautiful.

So how is it that a man was born here?

According to the Dynia history books. Serenity Thorium snuck off because she was bored with the beautiful planet and was captured by a 'fate' guardian while at the Comette Transporter outside the planet. It was said that she was taken and fell in love with Bestemming Sterfgeval...and then bore his child.

The books say she was taken away from the child and killed a few months after birth. She was the ONLY girl to have done this, and considered a hope to many Dynians who wished to escape.

If you travel to the blood red tree that grows south of the can spot the only imperfect physcial feature called "Trail of Serenity" which seems to never stop bleeding or crying...this tree and the inhabitants of this planet have slowly begin to twist and contort...becoming anti-male, perverting the rules, turning to war and violence to become the dominant race...(who said faerie tales always had a happily ever after?)

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