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Kaje Glasya-(DemonessKaje)(Kaje)

You see a fairly tan girl staring back at you with lovely maroon eyes, with a slight silver tint to them, in curiosity. As she cocks her head to get a better look at you, her shoulder blade length light blue hair curves around one side of her face as the rest cover her bare shoulder. The color compliments her silky skin and mysterious eyes that you cant seem to look away from. She stands to stretch, but her eyes remain on you as you can analyze more data on her. You can see she stands about 5’2, and looking at how the dress fits on her…you can tell her weight cant be more than 125lb. Her thin black spaghetti strapped dress ,that shows much cleavage , hangs down to her mid thigh and has a little slit that goes up to her hips. You're not suprised as to when your eyes wander down her body, you see a pair of matching black shoes.

As you get a better look…you can see she has slightly pointed ears and two black dragon-like horns off the top of her head and a pair of maroon dragon wings that accent her eyes. She sees you looking at her and gives you a warm friendly smile as she greets you…


No one knows where she came from, they say she was a decendent of Glasya, the princess of hell, but hey...whats story and whats reality?

Ever since Kaje was found on the planet Shadeaux she has ran into nothing but trouble. By the time she could walk she was handed a weapon and sent into the armed forces. She never did understand why there was always fighting…she didn’t even know her colors, but she caught on quickly for the sake of survival. By the time she was 6 she watched her 'father' die by being hung and her 'mother' raped and killed in front of her eyes. A small boy named Kage who was about a year older helped her through her hard times teaching her spells that only the advanced people knew.

She grew up in fear and terror…She watched the people she knew and loved around her die…children who didn’t look useful were killed on the spot. All the blood and minor brain washing drove her to the brink of insanity. In her state of uncertainty she killed for fun and was feared…this was at age 12. When she turned 17 she watched as her protector's, Kage, life was taken by Levi, their planet’s second generation Death, and Kage took his place. She didnt understand, and broke down, seeming hopeless.

She was found by a group of Helga's soldiers and was then taken to the palace for another brain washing session that only messed with her emotions making her once again thier personal killing machine. Even being the one to kill her twin sibling in cold blood. When she finally realized her destruction…she freaked out and ran away from her planet…

Also fearing her 18th birthday coming up (When a shadeaux female turns 18, her body is up for grabs by any superior officer).She found out that by entering this run-down building no one could detect her…so she decided to live there and make it a business…turning it into a tavern. She found a name etched into one of the boards and decided to call this tavern, Nazo Sakaba…


Now she works are a bartender and a dancer keeping people in line and keeping things somewhat fun. Her heart is unsteady and her magic has increased…but she doesn't know how to use half of her power…that’s a good thing.


Shadow Dragon Form: She develops a darker chocolate skin tone with white eyes and pitch-black hair with silver tips. Her wings become black with a silver tint swirled into it… Her outfit becomes less revealing and more like pants and a shirt.

Possessed Form: Her white part of her eyes glow bright yellow and if you look close enough…they have red pupils. Her outfit doesn't change…but her attitude does…

Elemental/Healing form: Water: Blue eyes, hair and outfit…skin is the same…her outfit is sheer and her wings are too. Fire: Her hair is red and her eyes orange, skin stays the same and her outfit is just a flamy looking thing that covers her crotch and breasts. Wind: her outfit is white and light blue…sheer and her hair is a pale blue…her wings look feathery and white. Earth: Brown hair green eyes with a earthy toned dress and leafy wings. Healing: wow who knew blondes could be so useful? Her hair is blonde, her skin white, her wings white… her eyes blonde and since she glows…she has no clothes. Shadeaux form: looks the same but with black eyes with lavender pupils.