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You can fight in tournaments to winmoney, prizes and a lot of experience or you can fight in monster battling areas like forests, desserts. Any place that fighter types would be. Types of monsters: Fighters- They fight when ever they want who ever they want to fight. They will attack you randomly. They are 20% of the monster population. Magics- Magics fight with magic. They are the occasional house monster. If you have a Magic Monster you should buy them new magic gears every few weeks to equipt. Each of the Magics magic attack lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. Their basic attack is tiny flame, ice breeze, or shock. You should also buy MP chips every so often to regain your monsters MP. Magics are 10% of the monster population. Armed- Armed Monsters carry around weapons such as swords, guns, and katanas. You can buy them stronger weapons for higher attack power. These are the most common ocassional house monsters. They take up 68% of the monster population. They are the best fighters. Sorcerers/Sorceress- These are the most rare of all monsters. 1% are evil and 1% are house monsters. They use their high magic skills to fight enemies. Buy them magic gears to make their power stronger. There is a 1% chance that there gears might break. They have the highest MP power and the highest magic power. It is very rare to get one of these monsters. Important Battle Items: MP chips- They will cure your monsters MP if your monster eats it. Only Magic and Sorcerer/Sorceress Monsters will eat this. HP chip- It will restore any type of monsters HP. It is the most important battle chip. There are more items you can get. Check the items shops to get other items that will help you in your adventure.