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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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Rare Items:

Here are the Rare Items list. We currently do not have them all documented. You can try and buy these priceless things from us, but I don't think you have that kind of money. Maybe some really good Questing would help you....or maybe if you can unravel the mystery by completing more missions....

Dragonheart Blade: The strongest blade around. No one know why people would make such a strong blade. Was it for War or was it for Defense. Why don't you decide? Adds 2,000 str and 250 el. Price: 150,000

Rusty Spiked Knuckles: It is quite weak but packs a punch after a few turns. Adds 400 to el and str. Infect sets in after 3 rounds of successful hits and takes away 1,000 armor every turn after. Price: 90,000

Assassin Claws: Ancient Claws used by the first Virus to ever exist. He once used these claws to destroy every being on a planet known only as Mekka. Very deadly when used with an experienced Virus'. Adds 500 str and 450 el. Price: 75,000

Death Grip Gloves: Although it is very rare for this to happen, if the opponent of the user gets caught in the hands of these gloves, they die instantly. Adds 600 str and 400 El. Price: 85,000

Duo X Scythe: This was once used by a great master of all kinds of swordsmanship. He first used it against a great army of Viruses that tried to control his Planet. Shortly after his mysterious death, the Viruses returned to claim his planet. Adds 800 to el and 400 to str. Price: 120,000

Doomsday Cannon: This huge weapon was first tested on a Reploid that still has not been found. It seems to be over one million years old, yet more powerful than any weapon we have today, in the present time. After its 4 round charging, it lets out a blast that kills everything in its way instantly, and permanently cuts all foes stats in half. Very dangerous. Adds 1,500 str and 1,000 el. Priceless weapon

Molecular Structure Gun: This weapon has the power to destroy almost anything. With its powerful blast, it alters every cell in the opponents body, causing massive damage. Adds 800 str and 500 el. Priceless

Plasmaz Fluidaz: This was the name given to this weapon. You see, for it fires out plasmetic fluids that cause matter to vanish. This only happens to lower types of life, which were killed off more than 1 billion years ago. Adds 1,000 str and 400 El. Priceless

Elemental Saber: This Sabre has the power to command the elements. Most evil users choose the fire element whilst the good users choose lightning. One never knows what may come out of the users trick sleeve. Adds 900 el and 350 str. Priceless

Galerian Chain Armor: This is ancient armor made by the god Gakily.....for those only who choose to follow him in his evil rampage across the Galaxy. Luckily his chapter ended when one brave Reploid gave himself for the entire Galaxy. Adds 5,000 to Armor. Priceless

Metalus Armorus: This name was given to this holy armor by a prophet named Ekandor. He blessed this armor, and also used a secret prayer to keep the user safe. Once equiped, the user becomes filled with goodness. This armor was created to protect from Gakily. It too, Adds 5,000 to Armor. Priceless

Gladiator Protectant: The first person to use this was an enslaved Humanoid by the name of Damanicus. He wore this armor all his life, and it served him well. We have repair it...and it works almost 100x better. He made many more for his friends. Adds 4,500 to Armor. Priceless

Cure: The only thing to stop a Virual Infection is this. Once sprayed over the Infected, they become well again in a matter of seconds. It is wise to use this quickly, before the person is too far gone to help. I'll give you a deal today, only 2,500.

Rebuilder: Simple machine used to rebuild your pet to become a character like you. Very good to help out your pet become strong. It can use weapons like you and everything, but its win/lose stats are cut in half. The 25 stats each goes to 15 and the 50 points for wins gets cut into 25. The lose stats is cut too. Price: 5,000

Cards: These cards can be used with combustion. They also can be used during quests to interact with the NPCs. Each card does ur normal damage +10. These cards can be used together or seperately. Each pack of cards comes with 20 cards, so you do ur normal damage +200 if u throw them all at once. Price: 1,000 a deck


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