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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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To get a Pet email Me the same information as joining accept divide 250 points. Pick the ability and special attack you want it to have as well. They start with Micro Missles. Pet Weapons are listed below. Dont forget to multiply armor by ten (Only when creating a pet or character). (They cost $4,000):

Current Pets


Pet Weapons

Laser: The pet with this weapon can fire lasers from its mouth.(150) Price: 2,000

Micro Missles: You start with these. There is an infinte number of them. You can have them as secondary weapons if you want, but you have to buy another set. It means double the missles. (50)Price: 1,000

Attack Machine: This is a simple upgrade to boost your pets damage. It does not act as an upgrade, but as a weapon. (350) Price: 4,000

Attack Machine Two: This is a simple upgrade to boost your pets damage. It does not act as an upgrade, but as a weapon. (600) Price: 8,000

Pet Armor

You can only wear one helmet, plate and tail armor at a time and if its removed then you take away how ever much it increased your stats by.

Helmet: This protects your pet's head and increases his armor by 500. If hit 10 times it shatters. Price: 1,000

Chest & Back Plate: This protects your pet's body and increases armor by 1000. If hit 10 times it shatters. Price: 2,000

Tail Armor: This protects your pet's tail and it also serves as a weapon. Increases armor by 1000 and Strength by 50. If hit 10 times it shatters. Price: 3,000

Spiked Helmet: This is stronger than a normal helmet because it doesn't shatter. Increases armor by 1250. Price: 4,000

Spiked Chest & Back Armor: This armor will not shatter and it increases armor by 1350. Price: 4,500

Spiked Tail Armor: This can serve as a weapon and an armor. It increases armor by 1200 and Strength by 100. Price: 5,000

Scanner: You must have a helmet on for this to work. It lets you scan your opponet and find out how much armor he has left. Price: 2,000

Using your pet and its attacks

Pets can bite and kick and if they have tail armor equiped they can whip. They can get abilities like you do and special attacks. They only have 4 diff weapons to use though. Only if you buy Rebuilder can you make it become like you, allowing it to use abilities and special attacks you do. They are like another character for you.


- Rare Items

- Other


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