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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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- Members
- Joining
- Pets
- Items and Weapons
- Battling
- Missions
- Quests
- Teams
- Training Programs
- Abilities
- Finishers
- Special Attacks
- Tournament

Other Stuff:

Currently, you may send in your own Custom Sprites, with a link to where you got the idea/whatever from and try to win some money and an item. The contest will begin once we have 5 members. NO COPYING. I am also going to put up my own Comics soon. Once i get all my sprites in. Email Me Sprites, Comics, and questions.

Comics and Sprites:

Funny little comic done by Damien. Due to Angelfire, it got fuzzy and crap. Email Him if you want it sent to you Via Email.


- Rare Items

- Other


-None Currently