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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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To join just send me an Email with the information below. Here's some help. There are 3 races, Reploid, Humanoid, and Virus. Reploids use Busters, Humanoids use Sabres, and Viruses use deadly Claws and other things. Check the Races section on the FAQ page. Creating names are easy. Just make one up or pick from from the real game. No names such as Goku, Tenchi, and anything else that has to do with any other type of Jap Anime. Character Pics and/or Bios are accepted. If you want everyone to get a better visualization of your character, I suggest sending in both or one.

All characters from the actual game are NPCs (Non Playable Characters), for they will be used in the missions and quests. Im thinking..maybe 10-13 members will do it. The less we want, the faster we start..and the better the quests/missions. Your stats is chosen by you. If you are a Reploid, take 450 points and divide them into the 4 different stats(down), If your Humanoid Take 500 points and divide them into the 4 different stats, and if your a Virus take 600 points and divide them into the 4 different stats. If you notice...the abilities and special attacks for each race evens out the difference in stats.

See the Races section!! (in the FAQ page) Those 4 different stats are: Energy Level (El), Speed (Sp), Armor (multiply it by 10 just this once), Strength (Str). The higher your El the stronger your energy blast etc. The higher Sp is the higher the chance of dodging and it determines who goes first in fights. If your speed is double your opponents speed, you go 2x. If its 3x their speed, you go 3x..this goes on and on. Armor is like health. Once reached 0 in fights the person dies. Str is how strong punches are and how well u are with Sabres etc. See Battling for more information. In the end you should send us something exactly like this:

(*means dont change. ** means u pick. ***means based on Race): Your Chars Name**- Main Weapon: Buster Gun***, El:Your EL**, Sp: Your Sp**, Armor: Your Armor**, Str: Your Str**, Items: None*, Secondary Weapon: None*, Special Armor: None, Money: $0*, Finisher: None*, Abilities: Pick One**, Special Attacks: Pic One**, Team: Make one up or be lone for now**, Pet: None*, Wins/Loses: 0/0*, Stats: Alive*. SN:Your Sn**

SOME OF YOU ARE DUMB, AND SEND ME AN APP WITH FREAKING STARS IN IT! DO NOT DO THATTTTTTT!!!!. I wont accept a form that has something like this: Damien you make up my stats team: none How am I suppose to know what that means? Copy the example and fill in the areas with the two/three stars. Go to each page once...come here...then go through them again for the information you need. Don't forget that Reploids use Busters, Humanoids use Steel Sabres, and Viruses use Claws when starting.


Email Me Your Stats To Join


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