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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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What does the updates spot under your Bio mean??

Im going to make it where the missions and quests will revolve around the members too, so your bio will change if...for example...yours is like mine...where I do not know who created me...later in the game I may find my in the spot..I would add...Later in his life after such and such happened...he found that his creator was actually blah blah blah...

What are Bios? How do I make one? Where can I view them?

Bios are like profiles. You just make a profile of your character and basically a life story about him/her. On the members page you can view Bios by clicking the name of each member. If they have a bio, it will come up. Just email me or one of the staff the information.

What Abilities does my pet use? How do I get a pet? Where can I find the abilities, finishers, and special attacks?

Abilities are found on the Abilities page. Pets use the abilities your race uses. Each thing is found on its coresponding page. Pets can be bought, see Pets for more details.

What are the numbers by my attacks and things? How do I calculate damage? Why does everyone have one of their stats up by 100 or so?

The numbers are your pre calculated damage. You take your str+el+weapon base dmg to get your dmg. Once you get the total, you add 300 for the max. So if it was 250 total, then it would be 250 min and 550 max. Some people are dumb and dont add the stats their weapons give, thus, making me have to do it, so it seems they gained stats when in fact, they were too stupid to put the correct stats themselves. DO NOT BE SO STUPID, PLEASE!!

What is speed for? Why even put points into speed?Isnt it only good for going first?

I have changed my mind about speed. If your speed is double your opponents speed, you go 2x. If its 3x their speed, you go 3x..this goes on and on...

How long do charge things such as focus last? What are the 1st 2nd 3rd things by it for? How many turns can I charge it?

When you are using focus and things like it, once you attack after charging the effects of charging wear off. The 1st 2nd 3rd things are the added damage the ability or whatever it is gives each turn it is charged. You can charge it as many times as it says. For example, 1st means 1st turn, so that means you can charge for one turn for that added amount of damage. If it says 1stXXX, 2nd XXX, then u can charge 2 turns and it goes like that. If you are confused your dumb I think...Email Me If ur confused.


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