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The Sian Sisters

Born into a rich family, their parents both died in a hostile hostage situation. Raised by the hired help, inheriting the mansion and the money...They grew up to be a bit wierd. The sisters having indulged in a sexual relationship at young ages, when Annalise was 16, and Angel was 19.

Angel, the oldest of the two daughters, is extremely cruel to all but her most prized slaves, and her sister.

Annalise, the youngest, by 3 years, is dominant, like her sister, but not so much cruel. She's more adament.

Angel Sian

Annalise Sian

RP Information

If your looking to rp one of the slaves Angel and Annalise will share, contact me via pm. I have a few restrictions: No chibi, no sick fetishes, must be on very often, must semi-para. Semi-para is preferred over all other forms.