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Metal Soul

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Welcome to Metal Soul the game developed by gamers for gamers. With the combined aspects of many games into one, more simplified version. No more added details you don't need or pages of information that you can't understand. Metal Soul is down to the point, fast, easy, simple and more realistic. Bigger characters sheets to put more character information on without having to rake your brain all night flipping through pages and pages of multiple books. More room for your characters weapons from four different categories. The character sheet also has a spot for your characters history for added information to bring your characters past to life, making them more realistic in every detail. Now they have multiple kinds of flaws, race flaw, class flaws and natural flaws, which make it more interesting and a little harder. Now with one book and a character sheet in a few minutes you can have any race in past, present or future. No longer are you only allowed one characater from one time frame or one time frame to game in. You can, for example, have a character, say a knight form the year 1486 in the time year 2002. Vampires can walk along side a knight in any time frame. Aliens now can be played in the games from any time frame. What more can a gamer want? Well, so many gamers wished they could play other characters from different times frames and places. Well, now you can.

You wanted it and now you have it.

Metal Soul

The year is 2023 and you have been traveling for many months trying to find your payday as a bounty hunter. You enter the pub tired and weary from your long journey. You get something to quench your thirst. As you turn to find a place to sit you notice a strange looking man with a hood over his head. You make your way to a table just behind him and sit in the darkness, almost consumed by the blackness. You sit only a moment when a man with a leather jacket on and spiked hair with chains hanging from every part of his face sits with this strange figure. You sit and listen to the conversation but can only hear the stranger with the hood, the other mans voice is to low to hear.

Hello my name is Lazmora, and I am from the year 6734. How did I come to be here in your time? Well let me tell you a story that will help to explain how it is that I am here. Quite some time ago in history, your future. There was a bounty hunter named Fazz, a Cetreaon from the planet Blurtax. He was hired by an organization to stop a group of terrorist from traveling through time, changing history and stealing artifacts. He was on his way to destroy the groups time machine when he suddenly appeared in a strange land. He joined up with a group of companions that helped him to find his location.

Once he learned where and when he was he realized that this was the time that it all started. He could stop this group before they ever started their evil deeds. After much research Fazz and his companion found where the group was located and set forth a plan of actions that would never be reversible. They made their way to the heavily protected laboratory of Dr. Thomas Alexander. He had built a prototype time machine for the Arcane revolution, who are now all but extinct. Using his chameleon abilities Fazz made his way into the laboratory to find the prototype. He was almost there when he was discovered by a man wearing a special visor that made it possible for him to see Fazz. Their battle raged for some time until Fazz was able to tear the visor from his head. The man no longer could see Fazz and fired wildly in the room. Fazz managed to subdue the man and get the passwords into the prototype. Fazz carefully placed the explosive charges on the prototype and quickly made his way out of the facility.

He met up with his companions and they made their way back through the city to get away from the blast. The explosion was five times that of an atom bomb it rained fire on the city and lite the night sky so that it appeared as though it were day. Yes this had a devastating affect on many worlds. How you ask, well prepare yourself for everyday it could be you too that is caught in this web Fazz caused. The explosion of the prototype time machine, in combination with the explosives, that it caused rips in the space time continuum.

Don't look so worried my friend these are completely random and you may never experience the affects of what Fazz has done or will do. I have lived over three thousand years and this is only the third time I have jumped. Again I will have to make myself a way of life here until I can find a way to do what the rest of my Arcane ancestors could not finish. He lifts one hand removing the hood that covered his head to reveal his Elven ears. I am sorry my friend but no one can know of my plans so you must not be allowed to live.

Metal Soul can be played one of two ways you can incorporate the rips in the space time continuum or you can play one set time line. This gives the game master the ability to set up many different scenarios. This also gives the player the advantage of taking one character into multiple games. Be aware that if you take a character into another game that both game masters are aware of this so that things found can be used in both games.

Copy right 2003 Metal Soul Inc.

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