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Max's Game Corner

News and Updates

Update 3/5/02:'s been a while since the last update! There's a reason for that. I was expecting over 200 more games in stock and I was waiting to update until they arrived. Well, turns out the package came open in shipping and was returned to my distributor. As a result, I won't have much new inventory for the next 2+ weeks. Kind of a bummer. But on the upside, I have been doing some additions to the site! Added reviews of Langrisser, Exile, Deden No Den, Kabuki Itaryodan, Fatal Fury 2, Advanced V.G., and Ane San for PCE! So at least there's a bit of new material on the site :) Alll lists on the site are current as well!

Update 2/7/02: Well, the site is improving and I've been working hard to add to it! I will try to add new and better buttons in the near future. Sales are going well, and I've been recieving a great response from everyone! Thank you! I plan to continue to expand the reviews section to help people know what they're buying. If you have a review request, please email it to me. I am currently only reviewing games that I have available for sale. Added: New buttons, reviews of Ai Cho Aniki, Gotzendiener, Genocide, and J-Thunder for the PCE, and a pic of the unidentified soccer game for the Mega Drive.

Update 1/25/02: Many thanks to all those who have helped me out! I really appreciate it! I've added a reviews section, which I am linking to the games I have for sale. This way, you can see a bit of what a game is like before buying it. Gives those of us who have never played the games before a bit of an idea of what they're getting into. All reviews will list the quantities I have of that game available if I have any. I'm also adding scans of the games so you SEE what they are. Hope it helps a few of you out! Also added a Gaming Links page...go take a look! Thanks to mda for letting me add Japan Gaming to my links! Added reviews of Tenchi O Kurau and Yu Yu Hakusho for PCE. Till next time!

Update 1/21/02: The site is READY! ALL sections are fully updated with their correct titles! Feel free to surf it at your leisure, and haggle with me if you want to! I don't mind :) And yes, I REALLY DO have every single item listed on the site. A LOT of the games I even have multiple copies of in various conditions, so if you want to save a few bucks, you can get one that's not quite so minty! Order away!

Update 1/20/02: We're OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! I'm taking orders for all games listed on my site! I have over 550 Japanese games and some US games in stock! Orders are already piling in. I've also updated the Super Famicom titles and prices to match what I actually have, and will update other sections as fast as I can! 550 games is a LOT to sort and many of the titles are inaccurate, but all will be fixed soon! Also added a photo section in case you need to see what I have rather than just read the title. Finally, thanks goes out to Aaron Nanto of for letting me add his site to the upcoming links page!

Update 1/09/02: Thanks to Jacob of the Turbo Turnpike webring for adding Max's Game Corner to his site! Always glad to branch out to more PCE/TG-16 gamers! Which reminds me, if anyone wants to do reviews of Saturn, PC Engine, PC-FX, Neo Geo, or 3DO games, I'm looking to post reviews on the site! Added the easy Paypal links and did some minor tinkering.

Update 1/02/02: YAY!!! My first update and I almost have the site off the ground! Been VERY busy with the holidays, moving, settling, and general goofing off. Site should be active and ready for business by the end of the month at the latest. Prices, conditions, and genres will be updated as fast as humanly possible! Yes, I know the site's a bit bare, but I am learning html as I go, and haven't made any logos or banners or anything pretty yet. You don't give a crap about anything but the games anyway, do you? It'll look spiffier as I learn, no worries! Thanks for your patience!