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Small Improvements

Download Delayed DB Attack

Based on original Avenger's Delayed DB Attack, this mod makes DB assassins only attack player in his sleep after he reached some significant point in the main MW plot (and accordingly, decent level). The only problem with Avenger's script is that it eats more processor power than it deserves. In this version, all necessary calculations are performed only when the player gets to sleep. Also, when DB attacks cease, the script stops itself completely.

Download SilentCharGen

Original Jason Robinson's SilentCharGen mod removes all popup messages and spoken dialog following character generation process that are rather helpful for a first-time player but immensely annoying once you already know how to walk without stumbling on your own boots. There still are several scripted pauses, though, that slow your development without need. In this version they are eliminated. I also modified Sellus Gravius' greeting so that you don't have to click at least two additional topics if you don't want to.

2008.02.18 Bugfix: the topic "Background" was not activated.

Download Slof's Pillow Book (.esp only)

This is a replacement for AlienSlof's 'Boethiah's Pillow Book' mod's .esp file. It does *not* contain (and therefore infringe on) AlienSlof's artworks that constitute this mod and will *not* work without original mod. It is released as a mere bugfix.
Fixed: an extra long line was causing pictures' captions to be carried to the next page (not that many people are fluent reading Daedric and it'd be this important, but it's still sloppy) - extra linefeed removed.
Also changed: captions' font color is set to concord with pictures' color. A dirty entry (Seyda Neen cell) cleaned out.
Also included a BookRotate-compliant version of the .esp. Original BPB was nullified by that mod's loading order. Use ONLY one or another version of .esp.

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