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Indybank Mod

(Version 2.2 is currently available from EuroMorrowind and TheLys' site.)
Download IndyBank v2.4

After several threads and a PM from official forum, I finally have to admit that the Goldweight plugin that I've been attaching to the IndyBank archive *is* buggy and should not be used. If you've figured it out the hard way, here's the procedure to clean your save from it:

Drop everything to the ground except gold and check your encumbrance against money. Normally it should be (Enc*100) = Gold. If you have more gold, go to a trader and spend the extra; drop bought good to the ground too and check again. When the ratio is correct, drop the gold either.

If you have more encumbrance than money, drop the gold, then call the console and enter Player->RemoveItem gold_001 NNN, where NNN is extra weight*100. You don't have gold to remove now, but the engine bug will deduct the according weight anyway.

Now your encumbrance has to be 0 (you may pick up an easy non-gold item to ensure that it's not negative either). Now save your game, exit and reload without Goldweight whatsoever or with VenomByte/Tejon's version. You should be cured. Hopefully.

---- End of warning, proceed to regular Readme. ----

With Indestructible's permission, here's continued work on his Bank Mod after he stopped at version 2.1. This mod adds banking system to Morrowind.

Version history:

2.1 (Indy's original):
- 5 banks in Vivec, Balmora, Gnisis, Vos, and Sadrith Mora. You can deposit and withdraw money, get loans, and keep your valuables in a Safe Box.
- 5 houses to purchase through banks: Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Dagon Fel, Pelagiad and Suran.
- Loan Sharks in Thieves Guild of Balmora and Sadrith Mora.

2.2 :
- MessageBox interface replaced by NPC dialog.
- added letters of credit.
(full list of changes in the readme).

2.3 (in cooperation with Havokk):
- all bank and manor interiors are reworked.
- more variety of Debt Collectors.
- returned bank clerks gradation: now there are simple clerks, real estate agents, and bank managers.
- added some more dialog variety.
- traders now can cash your letters of credit (the final choice between this and "magic" way of invoking them is yet to be made).
- the bank statement is no longer "magic" - it shows your account information for the day of issuing and does not auto-update.
(full list of changes in the readme).

07/01/2003: Bugfix - killing Loan Collector does not crash the script

07/09/2003: "invoking" script removed. Now letters of credit can be cashed at rich merchants' shops *only*.

- banks now work from 8am to 6pm. If you try to stay indside after time, bankers refuse to service you, guards become unfriendly and eventually arrest you. To disable this feature, type in console "set Bank_Nighttime to -1" (preferably at day).
- by demand, two additional versions of the mod are included: a) without houses and b) combined with Walled City (in the latter, North Wall Villa in Balmora is of WC-variety rather than original)
- minor cosmetic and bug fixes listed in readme.

06/06/2004: Bugfix - mank managers and RA agents not doing their duty; bank doors keeping to close at night if player disabled the feature

10/29/2004 (aka version 2.4a): Bugfix - doors closing at night weren't added to NoHouses version; performance increased

17/11/2005: repackaged - GoldWeight removed; no changes in main esp's. Versions uploaded at MWSource and Elric's still have it, though.

Warning: The version 2.4a is the last one that was released and will be supported by me. The so-called "2.4b" that adds extra membership levels is someone else's work. The person never contacted me, the proposed change is not something I'd approve, and the zip doesn't contain all three versions nor additional data files. I'm not responsible for any trouble that people may have with this version.

Warning: If you have Silgrad Tower in your list of mods, make sure that IndyBank loads *after* that one. There has been several conflict reports about these mods.

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