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My Morrowind mod finetunes

It seems that none of the mods I worked on aren't mine to begin with. But at least I'm trying to hone other people's ideas to perfection. Hope this counts for something ;)

(If you would like to recommend any of these mods to somebody, please give a link to this page and not straight links to archives. Angelfire already closed my page once and I don't want it to happen again)

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IndyBank v2.4 build 2004.10.29
Almilia's Daughters v4.0 build 2011.03.15
Clean Potions&Scrolls
Dwemer Clock Alternative
HurdyGurdy's Clothes - Modders' Edition v1.2 build 2003.11.25
NPC Animation Explorer v.1 build 2004.04.01
Small Improvements (Delayed DB Attack, SilentCharGen, Slof's Pillow Book)
Modders resource - Codelocks v1.1 build 2005.04.24
Non-Morrowind stuff (Russian)